Working With You To Stop Creditor Harassment

When debt collection companies buy your debt from your creditor, the collection agency doesn't make money until you pay them what you owe. To receive their money as quickly as possible, collection agents use high-pressure tactics. Agents may call late at night or threaten to sue you in court. These aggressive collectors don't care about the stress they create because these methods are successful.

They also may be illegal.

Our government has passed laws to protect debtors from being victimized by collection agencies. If you are familiar with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), you know your rights. Unfortunately, many people don't. Collection agencies make money when you are unaware of the FDCPA.

At Buttars, Richardson & Snyder LLC, our debt defense attorneys hold debt collectors responsible for their unlawful actions. We have represented hundreds of people in central Ohio who have been bullied by collection agents and don't know how to stop the harassment. Our lawyers do.

Establishing These Unlawful Acts Will Help You Settle Your Case

Just as collection agents rely on certain methods for success, so do our attorneys. Our substantial knowledge of consumer protection matters helps us resolve your dispute quickly by proving collection agents committed these errors or illegal actions:

  • Threatening to sue or publish information about your outstanding debt
  • Harassing you at work
  • Calling your house early in the morning or late at night
  • Relying on inaccurate information about your loan's interest rate and other fees
  • Failing to provide documentation verifying the debt and the original creditor

When you meet with us at our Dublin office, we will listen to your story, study your claim and give you an honest explanation of your options. We can help you find a solution for wage garnishments, foreclosures or lawsuits. You will feel better when you understand that you are not powerless against creditors.

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