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At Buttars, Richardson & Snyder LLC, we recognize the signs of predatory lending and other fraudulent acts because we have represented hundreds of victims affected by these practices. When you sign a contract for a loan, you may think that the terms of your agreement are aboveboard. Sometimes they are. Many times they aren't. In these situations, you may not realize you have been cheated. Unscrupulous lenders profit when their creditors aren't familiar with the law and don't know how to assert their rights.

As consumer advocates, we know that each of our client's cases is unique, but the feeling of helplessness isn't. You may think that you are facing this struggle alone. However, when you contact our attorneys, you have a legal ally at your side. Our lawyers have the legal knowledge and trial experience to successfully defend your claims in court. We will fight to return what you have lost: financial security and peace of mind.